South Sudan official claims Kenyans have been ripping their banking system’ for years



A senior South Sudan government official has said that foreigners in the country are taking away jobs that belong to South Sudanese saying they have taken over the country’s banking system. Speaking following a parliamentary session in Juba on Wednesday afternoon, designated chairperson of information committee in the reconstituted parliament Paul Yoane said the country’s market is dominated by foreigners and Kenyans over taken over the country’s banking system.

 “Our market is dominated by foreigners and if you look at the food industry, 90% of our food is brought from Uganda and Eritrean and Ethiopian have taken over the water industry and hotels,” Bonju said.

“If you see Kenyans, they have taken over the banking system or the banking industry, so South Sudanese are left without anything and we say unless we become producing country, such thing is going to continue,” he warned.

The top South Sudanese parliamentarian said the takeover of business jobs is a threat to the East African country’s national security and urged South Sudanese to be productive to avoid foreigners’ takeover.

“It is a threat to South Sudanese because we are independence and sovereign country and the food we eat is substandard, it is not original food and if we don’t get up on our feet and cultivate, I don’t think to call ourselves proudly has people of this country,” he said.

“We need to produce food for ourselves and we need to be seen also taking trade especially the youth people,” he added.



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