Man claims to have been in a sexual relationship with dolphin

Malcolm Brenner has revealed that he had a six-month love affair with the frisky creature when he worked at a water park in Florida.

Brenner had discussed his “relationship” with the sea creature in the new documentary ‘Dolphin Love’ and explained how the pair got intimate together.

He explained: “I started rubbing her along her back, working my way to her flukes – her tail.

“And as I was rubbing her and moving my hand towards her tail, she was slowly rolling around her long axis.”

The affair took place when Brenner was working as a photographer during the 1970s and he explained how he would get up close and personal with the female dolphin when the park was closed.

He said: “At first I discouraged her, I wasn’t interested. After some time I thought. ‘If this was a woman would I come up with these rationalisations and excuses?’

“It was when the park was closing that we successfully eluded the male dolphin so we could spend some time alone.”


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