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Men have over time been judged by the society on many variables, almost like meat hung in a butchery, they have been put on the weighing scales and their value measured.

A man's mode of dressing is now an asset and lacking one or two pieces of the latest clothes can make you a social pariah.

Some people may argue that clothes are just clothes no matter the kind as long as they can be worn, but is this the same case for shoes?

Do men really give much thought to the type of shoes they wear in most circumstances?



In a video posted by the Professor Hamo about a year ago, he is seen asking people on the streets of Nairobi about the most common first thing people notice on men.

There is a prize for whoever will give the correct reply and after many wrongs, one person got it right and without a doubt, shoes play a role in producing the film on a lasting first impression.

The sensational Azziad Nasenya also, a few months ago had netizens looking woeful at their three pairs of shoes when she did videos showing the shoe game that our celebrities own.

Many of us were left wondering whether those preposterous massive closets full of shoes were really necessary or was it just a showcase of abundance.

This unfair game of shoes for men, full of fouls by the society and a mean referee; women.

Here are three categories of shoes for men that tell a lot for men and are multipurpose since they can be worn to a wide range of occasions.

  • The officials

Ranging from the classy Oxfords to the trendy suede boots, the official shoes have come a long way since the days of sharpshooters that were becoming overrated.

Almost everyone owned a pair of black sharpshooters and they accentuated well with a suit, but with time they slowly sunk into the older generation’s taste.

Loafers are the new big deal and have easily passed off as official shoes because they are diverse and would be worn to any event.

This category of shoes speaks volumes about a man’s personality and augur well in formal occasions such as meetings and weddings.

But can a 'hustler' put themselves in official shoes that would cost them a kidney?

  • Sneakers

They are the expendables, trailblazing this game of soles.

They are less telling of age and they are the yardstick to measure a man’s worth just as he steps out of his crib.

A woke lady would shove a rejection down a man’s advances just because of his battered nameless sneakers.

It’s that personal and the firebrands such as Nike, Adidas, Vans and Jordans can’t let men have their peace with their costly yet classy sneakers.

  • Mix and Match

These are those shoes that don’t require much attention and detail.

Courtesy of the money saving Mutumba industry, you would get them a throwaway price and you’d bet they would serve you good though not in touch with what maybe be termed as being fashionable.

What you have to be keen on is the level of damage (if any) the shoes have experienced, how worn the sole is and if the colour is too faded. You don't want to spend your money on a shoe that look like they were run over by three lorries.



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